Services offered-

Gunsmith & Custom Manufacturer, Matt Hardoerfer

FFL Type 7

*Repairs – troubleshooting, cleaning, maintenance and detailed repair

*Modifications – sight installation, scope installation, rail systems, stock systems, trigger modification and much more

*Manufacturing & Custom Builds – AK variants, AR10, AR15, other AR systems, FAL, VZ 58, HK Rifle variants, custom 1911 and Glock

*Finish – Cerakote, parkerizing, DuraCoat, camo patters and special requests

*Consulting – new gun ownership, firearm safety concerns and general questions

*Transfers & hard to find items purchasing help


86 responses to “Services offered-

    • Jim,
      Yes we can build a semi auto 9mm rifle that uses glock magazines. It would be the AR15 platform using Double Diamonds AR lower that excepts Glock Magazines link below.
      I cannot get these lowers for you buy in programs ETC BS. You would have to order through them and send it to my FFL. Other problem is we would have to get you an upper and lower parts!!! Parts are extremely hard to come by right now and there is nobody out there that can help or change that problem. Main thing would be to get that lower now before they are hard to get or the government stops it all together. We can get the other parts as they free up because those parts are not considered the firearm just the lower. If you are serious about this project please call us at the shop Monday 513-248-1843. We may have to shut the phones, email, web page etc. down next week because we cannot keep up with the demand and our existing clients are being neglected so if you get the answering machine leave a message and I will get back to you right away.

      Thank You,

    • Ian,
      All barrel work is billed as T&M@$50 an hour plus materials. If being shipped you would also have to pay the actual shipping cost as well.I can give you estimates but I would have to know what kind of barrel was to be threaded and muzzle brake to be pinned.

      Thank You,

  1. I recently acquired a Yugoslavian SKS there is quite a bit of rust inside barrel and gas port, how much would it cost to clean this?

    • Bernie,
      There are no set prices for something like that especially with out seeing it! All serious cleaning jobs are billed as T&M $40 a man hour. When I see the firearm I would give you an estimate but that is the only way I will give you an estimate. If you do not live in the Cincinnati area you must also pay for shipping. If you are local please schedule an appointment so I can help you out. Appointments can be scheduled during the below days and times.
      Shop 513-248-1843 Email
      T/TH 9-8
      F/Sa 9-6

  2. A friend of mine owns an FI .380 mod D. His trouble is it doesn’t eject properly. His taken it locally to different guys who couldn’t repair or find the trouble. Is this “mystery” something you could or want to tackle?
    If so I’ll forward this info to him.
    CD “Doug” Charney

    • CD,
      To start sorry for the late reply.
      I can most likely fix the issue BUT my shop is extremely backed up at the moment! It could be several months before I could get to it. If that is not an issue please pass along my information.


  3. Can you cut my glock 19 slide for a Burris fast fire 3 and how much would it cost and turnaround time I also have supperssor rear sight for behind the optic
    Thank you

    • Yes we thread barrels but no longer custom make thread protectors. Thread protectors are very inexpensive and highly available online.
      Price varies($125-$150+) depending on barrel O.D. Thread pattern and if extra machining is required.
      I also do rifle bedding.
      Bedding is billed as T&M $45 an hour. Price also varies depending on if your getting pillar bedding or basic bedding. Minus materials(pillar) most bedding jobs are between 3-4hrs.

      Best Regards

    • Mark,
      I can do external threading on some shotgun models but we are not set up for internal threading. I’m assuming your talking about traditional internal threads so we can not help you sorry.
      For internal threads contact Briley. Their contact information along with pricing is listed in line.
      I will warn you that internal threading is expensive so depending on your shotgun you may just want to buy a model already threaded.
      Good luck

  4. You recently helped my brother fix my Sig Sauer 716 with the stuck cartridge. I wanted to know If you can cut my M&P 9C slide to except a trijicon rmr and install suppresser high sights.
    Scott Hambrick

    • Scott,
      Cutting the slide for the RMR is not a problem but the sights are. The existing rear sight dovetail has to be eliminated so a new dovetail would have to be cut. All the M&P slides I have done did not have the dovetail installed. I would have to see if I could find the cutter for the M&P suppressor style sights.
      The RMR cut is $150
      If you would like for me to see what sight options you’ll have please let me know. We are moving shops at the moment so if we don’t get back to you immediately please be patient.


  5. You have no pricing info. on your site but no matter.I have an older SKS Model 56….military surplus I bought in bags and boxes back a few years ago as a hobby project. I have bought a new/used bolt. Suddenly I realize I need a pro to do a PMCS or health and welfare inspection on this weapon to verify that I did everything correctly and that it is safe to fire. Talked to a fella at Point Blank range and said you were probably the guy but didn’t know if you had go/no go gauges for it. Think you could help out. Also can you mill out the receiver to accept after market C magazines rather than the traditional 10 round chicom system.

    Jim Chapman

    • Jim,
      I appologize for the inconvenience but there is no price sheet because there are no flat rates unless it’s for sights or other small matters.
      We do many things but specialize in Eastern Block firearms so I think we can more than handle what you have.
      All labor is billed as T&M $45 an hour and machining is billed at $55 an hour. An in depth inspection will probably take an hour or $45. If your chamber takes a no go then the appropriate repairs will be discussed at that time.
      Are you wanting your SKS to take AK magazines or large cap SKS magazines.
      If your looking for HI-cap SKS mags we can probably squeeze that into the inception if not 30 minutes longer.
      AK mags are a different story. If you want your SKS to take AK mags I suggest buying a Chinese SKS mod M or D. I would be more than happy to convert yours but it is costly.
      If you would like to schedule an appointment please call 513-248-1843 or email The best form of communication is email.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Looking to have woodlawn m40a1 paint job on my Bell and Carlson stock. What would price range be.

    Thank you

    • Price really depends on how many colors you would like to use. Lets say you went with a traditional 4 color woodland pattern I think $250-$300 would be a close estimate. That would cover 5Hrs of labor and materials.

      Best regards

  7. I was very impressed with a comp you all installed on my Remington R1.

    What would the labor be on installing a skeleton trigger/hammer and a beavertail grip safety.

    Might need some filing, probably not drop in parts. Thank you very much!

    • 1911 part install T&M $45 an hour It’s hard because 1911’s sometimes need a lot of fitting. Is the frame cut for the beaver tail or does the frame need fitted. It could be an hour or it could take 3-4hrs.

      We are very honest with our time but we don’t want to mislead you or promise a low rate to get you in the door.

      Best Regards Matt

      LMG FireArms LLC, (513) 248-1843


  8. Looks like the tip of the frame will need to be dremeled some to get tail flush and for the pin to slide in place.
    I don’t trust myself enough,some things are for the pro’s lol

    Thank you for the reply!

    • No problem. Sometimes it may take 1-1.5hrs just to fit the frame if necessary. We also will want to coat that cut so it doesn’t oxidize. If stainless or nickel we will bead blast it. These are all things to take into consideration.


      LMG FireArms LLC, (513) 248-1843


  9. Sounds good to me I’ll give you guys a call next week to drop it off, waiting on trigger/hammer to arrive thank you for your time !

  10. Could you quote me a round about price to cut down my barrel on my slr104fr and pin a muzzle comp to keep it at 16inches

      • Hello,

        I have a 14.5 barrel I need a muzzle device pinned and welded to I also have a lower I need assembled. I have all of the parts. Do you offer a discount for LE?


      • Please email directly
        LE discounts are on a per job basis since we are a labor driven business.
        Hourly rate is $70 an hour
        Pin and weld usually take an hour depending on the muzzle device
        Assemble lower takes 30-60 minutes depending on parts to be installed.


  11. How much to convert my SLR 104 fr into a SLR 104 cr( with 4″” CNC warriors4 piece booster pinned/ welded gas/sight block for legal 16″ ak105 clone

    • Randy,
      Yes I can do frame reductions accelerator cuts under cuts stippling etc..
      90% of the work I do is completely custom so let me know what you want and I’ll send you an estimate.
      You can email me directly at
      Shop 513-248-1843
      Message us on Face Book or instagram.

      Thank you for your inquiry and have a nice day

  12. How much would be it to put a new rail on an Ruger AR 556 when i always have the rail just need it put on the rail going on is a 15″ stinger rail system.

  13. Good day
    Ism in Batavia and looking to have the chamber drilled and tapped on my h&r 20ga single shot for a scope rail. How much would you charge for this service?

  14. I have an AR-15, and I need to get my bolt catch in, my muzzle device changed to a new compensator, and I have a foregrip that I need help installing. I am running a palmetto armory MLOK hand guard but I can’t get my fingers in the guard to do the foregrip. If you did those three things. How much are we looking at?

  15. I am looking to get a folding adapter
    installed on an AK pistol which requires the AK to be drilled and tapped. Is this something you guys can do?


    -Double star Ace Push button folding mechanism

    -KGB Stinger Brace Adapter

    • No problem at all!!
      All AK work is billed hourly at $60 an hour. On average it takes 1 to
      1.5 hours to drill tap clean out and mount the adapter.

      If local get back with me to schedule a time to come in.
      Out of town work can be shipped directly to the shop. A work order can be emailed to you to fill out and send in along with the firearm.

      Sometimes this format is not seen so to be safe please email us at
      Call (513)248-1843
      Of message us on Facebook

      Best Regards

  16. Would you be able to mill and mount a micro red dot to a CZ P07 and/or Glock 19 gen3? Is there a price that I should expect? Additionally do you offer any stippling services? I would like to update the texture on my gen 1 Shield.

    • Glock Optic Cut $125
      CZ P07 Optic Cut $125
      I like to use a mounting plate on the CZ pistols. Depending on the optic one may be needed. Price varies From $38+++++
      Cerakote Slide $85 for stock colors(Add $35 For Non Stock Colors)
      Stippling: All of the stippling I do is manual so I only offer a couple of patterns. The main one I do is a very small dot. If you give me an idea of what you want with the stippling I can better answer that question.

      Please email me directly or message us on Face Book. I don’t always get messages from this site.


  17. Hello, I have an Egyptian ak parts kit I’d like to have assembled. I also have a Childers stamped receiver. Wondering if you could put it together and blue it?

  18. I got an AK 47 that blew up on me, not sure why, thankfully no one got hurt, if I bring it to you do you think you could fix it for me?

  19. Have a G17 that needs rear sight installed and trigger springs swapped out, a Sigma that needs the rear sight installed, and a 1911 that is not remaining cocked(sear spring???). When would you be available for me to deliver these pistols? I am relatively local to you….Florence, KY.

  20. Hey I have a 10/63 wasr I broke the gas tube lever, I have a replacement but it needs parked black and installed, any way I get get a idea on price?

    • In the future please email me directly at I don’t always see messages here
      All AK work is bulled hourly at $70 an hour
      If just the lever
      Park and then install most likely just an hour
      If entire housing
      Install 1-1.5 hours or $70-$105
      Park housing $40

      Any questions let me know

  21. Hey,
    Wondering if you guys are still doing the left side pistol grip safety mod for a stamped receiver, how much that would cost and turn around time. Thanks. You guys rock.

    • Sight unseen I can’t give you a close estimate sorry. Until I see what is going on all I can tell you is my hourly rate, which is $70 an hour. If the entire housing needs replaced your most likely looking at 1-1.5hrs of labor plus the cost of the housing. Housing start around $40 and up.
      If your local you can schedule a time to come in so I can see the rifle.
      Sometimes it is best to email me directly
      Shop 513-248-1843 please leave a message if not answered

  22. Good evening,

    Do you offer pistol slide milling services to accommodate red dots? The pistol would be a PSA dagger (when I receive it) and the optic would be a Holosun HS507C. If so, what would the out the door cost be, if that can be provided.

  23. I’m looking to get a barrel chop on my AKM and take it from a 16 inch to a 10.5, and have a 90 degree front sight/gas block combo installed, would like to get pricing on that. Also would the gas port have to be re-drilled to function properly with the 90 degree gas block?

    • Zach,
      In the future please email us directly at thank you.
      I can do anything AK related but I have some concerns. I could be mistaken because new parts come out every day! Normal AK variants have 8.25″ 10″ 12.5″ gas systems. The 10″ being Yugo like the M92. Doing a regular 10.5″ AKM we could run into issues fitting a gas tube.
      That being said I’m not sure how long it would take to remedy that.
      All AK work is billed hourly at $70 an hour. I always give pretty close estimates but AK are not AR so sometimes we run into unexpected things.
      Similar chops take 3.5-5 hours or or $240-$350
      Yes cutting down a normal AKM barrel below 12.5″ +- the gas port will have to be relocated. That’s the problem with the tube! We may have to fit a tube or see if we can cross over a M92 tube to work. The gas piston will also have to be changed since you have a piston for a 12.5″ gas system.
      if your local you can always schedule a time to come in with it so I can show you what I’m talking about.

      I look forward to hearing from you

  24. Hello recently purchased a Rock Island Armory GI 1911 I would like a full fit bevertail installed what would I be looking at cost wise

    • Please email us directly in the future.
      All fitting is billed hourly at $70 an hour. It really depends on the beaver tail manufacturer. Dimensions vary per manufacturer which can make times vary.
      Fitting can take 1-2 hours or $70-$140.
      One to and hour and a half being the average$70-$105
      If wanting the frame cerakoted $85
      If polished out or touched up with cold blue it would be covered in the fitting cost.

  25. Hello, just picked up an M&P spec series and ordered and apex trigger for it. Curious ball park how much to put the new trigger in it?

    • Hopefully this finds you. For immediate response please email
      Our bench rate is $70 an hour
      We do 2 different installs with the APEX triggers.
      #1 Basic drop in $70. All parts disassembled cleaned and APEX parts fitted to pistol and installed
      #2 Full Tune $140. All parts disassembled APEX parts fitted contact angles stoned and polished chamber polished All parts cleaned and installed.
      Our turn around is not the greatest at the moment for most jobs but I can get it back to you with in a week for an APEX install.
      If you have any questions please let me know.

  26. Hello built a new Glock 19 gen 3 with OEM lower and upper parts minus the slide (jcs slide). Seems as though guide ride feels sticky and gun jams as it ejects casing. Curious how much troubleshooting will cost/repairs would be.

    • Always email directly this platform isn’t always seen
      Sounds like your slide maybe out of spec
      Hourly rate is $70 an hour
      With troubleshooting I never give estimates sight unseen but will as soon as I see it.
      If local please let me know what days and times work best for you.
      If out of town please email me at the above address and I’ll send you shipping info.
      Hope to hear from you soon

  27. Hello, I’ve been referred to you by a person in my gun group. I have a FN FNAR that is like to have the barrel threaded on and possibly some trigger work done. Is this something that you can do. What’s the cost and turnaround time. Thank you

  28. I have a AR 15 . I have been trying to find a flat dark earth quad rail that matches the other flat dark earth parts that are on it. No luck what so ever. Is it possible for you to coat the black quad rail I have?

    • We don’t always see messages on this platform so it’s best to email us at or call 513-248-1843.
      Yes we can paint it FDE but the only way to guarantee everything matches is to paint all parts at the same time. If you don’t most likely the FDE will be different shades.

  29. Hello,

    I live near.

    I was wanting to know how much it would cost to have a Apex trigger installed in a 509. I have the drop in kit itself.. but I don’t feel comfortable tweeking the gun.

    How much would it cost to have put in?

  30. I just purchased a used Nylon66 from Cabelas for my father. It was his first rifle that he ever purchased. I want to get it stripped down, cleaned and the receiver cover reblued. Is this something you could help me with?

    • Sorry we do not offer hot bluing.
      I don’t even know of anybody that still does it.
      Only things we don’t do are internal shotgun barrel threads and hot bluing.
      If you ever need help with anything else please let me know.
      Also it’s best just to call the shop 513-248-1843 or email directly

  31. Hello I was writing to receive some information about you cerakote process, pricing? Timetable? As well as stippling the pistol in inquiring about is the sig p365 x macro, I would like the grip module as well as the slide I was thinking camouflage with dark brown slide release and takedown lever while keeping the mag release black.

    • Stippling price varies depending on the amount of stippling you want done. I charge $80 an hour for most everything but if you’d send me a pic of what you want that would help.
      Camo paint you’re looking at $600 for slide and frame with the controls being the colors you said.
      If you want to send me stippling specs just email me directly

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