AK 47 Rail

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Need help getting a rail on your AK variant, give us a call. Especialy if you want to keep your original wood stock.  In order to install most AK rail’s you most use a gas tube without a synthetic or wood insert.  Sometimes these inserts are held in place by tabs, or a spring type tab.  Unless you absolutely know how to remove the insert do not attempt to remove the insert.  At LMG if you want to keep your wood grips we usually fit and refinish another gas tube to match your AK.  This allows the owner to swap out the forearm stock from tactical to classic with out damaging either unit.  We will also give you proper installation directions for when you may want to change units out.  Rails do look cool, but remember they are railed for mounting.  If not properly installed what ever is mounted on that rail especialy a sight may not be reliable.

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