Business Cards

Thank you all for the support so far. Keep spreading the word about us!! Business cards & hand outs are in if you want any for yourselves or to pass around let us know, we’ll get them to you.

3 responses to “Business Cards

  1. I just picked up a stack of business cards because Matt finished a trigger job on my Beretta 92F and, well I could not wait till the weekend to test it – I took it right over to the range and went thru 200 rounds. Oh and yes, I did hand out some cards. OMG – Matt did a supurb job on the firearm, he made it so sweet that I have a very difficult time putting it down – if you are ever thinking of a trigger job; make sure that you take your project to Matt – he is good, straight-up and very knowledgable.

    • Mr. Springer,
      Thank you for the kind words, we are thrilled you are pleased. It is certainly our pleasure to do business with you and appreciate all referrals.
      Thanks again.

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