Maintain And Upgrade Your Pistol

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Your favorite Pistol or Firearm is like any other mechanical tool.  As you use that tool every part used in its function becomes worn and weak.  If you have fired thousands of rounds through your firearm or if you feel something has changed.  Most likely your favorite tool needs new springs and other main components replaced, or altered.  Take this Springfield Armory 1911 that was assembled in their custom shop in the early 90’s.  This pistol has put numerous rounds down range for twenty years and now has become sluggish with a heavy trigger pull.  Instead of retirement this 1911 was revitalized with some simple changes.  We replaced the main spring and recoil spring along with putting in a guide rod with a reverse plunger.  Then the trigger was replaced with a Caspian Trik Trigger and fitted to the disconnector.  The hammer and sear were altered to bring the trigger pull down to the client’s specified pull.  These small task can bring your pistol back from the dead.  Most pistols do have maintenance schedules that can be found in the manufactures manual if provided.  Even if you feel like something has changed before the manufactures count your probably right.  Instead of buying a replacement bring your firearm in for a tune-up or makeover for one-third the price of that replacement.  Also please note it is ok to buy new firearms but replacements should be thought twice about.

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