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  1. Hi, I’ve got a new Ruger Mark III 22/45 that I’ve cleaned and can not get back together. I also have a Ruger Mark III Target that I’ve cleaned several times without too much problem.

    The problem with the 22/45 is that I’ve put the bolt stop back in and need to take it back out to retry and the bolt stop will not come out.

    Do you do such work to remove the bolt stop and put it back in correcltly?


  2. Hey, I’ve got a mosin nagant and I’m trying to replace the rear sight pins/mount with a Brass Stacker mount. I believe the mount and maybe even the pins are hard soldered onto the barrel. Do you do such work?


  3. I have a 12 ga.over and under Antonio Zoli gray eagle the trigger was fixed once and broke after one shot is this something you can fix ?

  4. My girlfriend has a ruger. Lc9.and she can’t cock it back is there a way to make it easier for her to cock it I mean I have cocked it before and will say it is pretty hard how much would it cost

    • Andrew,
      Most likely I can make it easier. There are different methods used for various situations so it’s hard to price your situation out.
      That would be billed as T&M $40 an hour plus parts. Your bill would probably be between $40-$80 including parts. That could change when I see it though.

      Please schedule an appointment M-Fr.

      Thank You,

  5. do you have fiber optic front sight for M&P CORE ?
    Need to have my LC9 cerakoted. Was is approximate cost?

    Thanks for your help

  6. I have an older .22 cal rifle that i want to mount a scope on but there are no dovetails in the top of the reciever to clamp the scope down. how much would you charge to mill 3-8 dovetails and blue the slots?

    • Brad,

      The best way to mount a scope with modern day accessories is to mount a Scope Rail on your rifle. If you can tell me what kind of rifle you have I could assist you better. Nobody does 3/8″ Dovetails anymore so I don’t even have the cutter for that particular dovetail. Let me know what you have so I can better assist you.

      Best Regards

  7. Really neat all the customization you can do.

    I have a Remington R1 1911.

    What type of coating can you do that will give the firearm a great look and protection for a long time that wont come off easy, what do you charge.

    I would like the frame and slide all one color but then…

    Beavertail safety
    Thumb safety
    Slide stop
    Compensator another color as well so only 2 colors total.

    I am ordering skeleton trigger and hammer as well to be painted instead of the factory, I understand these items might take additional fitting.

    Thank you for your time.

    • I offer a few different finishes but for paint I use Cerakote and Duracoat on top of fresh Parkerizing(Duracoat only). Both are equal in quality if applied properly. These coatings are not bullet proof though they will wair like any other gun finish. It won’t peel off but can scratch etc..
      For 2 color complete pistol your looking at about $250.
      That includes disassembly cleaning media blasting all parts cleaning again Parkerizing if using Duracoat painting curing and then reassembly.
      All refinishing is warrantied if allowed to fully cure and excluding normal wear.
      1911 Part Instalation:
      Fitting of new 1911 parts is billed as T&M @ $45 an hour. 1911’s are tricky you can take two identical pistols and instal the same parts in each. One may take 30 mins and the second may take 1.5hrs.

      If you have further questions please let me know.

      Best Regards

  8. Exactly like you said, going thru my cousin’s guns after
    he passed and we need help establishing values. We have a couple of the guns as pictured on your site, the High Standard H-D military .22 long rifle. SR # 253437. Does NOT have US samped on barrel.
    Any help you can give will be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • Lori,
      I can’t give estimates sight unseen. Sorry but there are just to many variables and different types of firearms.
      Unless you want to make an appointment all I can suggest is to find out exactly what you have. Then go to an online auction site like Gun Broker and search that particular firearm. Once an average retail cost is calculated you have your value.
      Estimates are documented and billed at an hourly rate $45 an hour. Please reply if you would like to schedule an appointment.
      Best Regards

  9. What is the estimated cost for replacing a free float handguard with another? Assuming the gas block is fine, etc. Thanks!

  10. Good morning, I have a siaga 7.62×39 and was wondering if your able to do the conversion for it to have a new butstock,pistol grip and a bullet guide. As well as placing a rail for a scope, forward pistol grip etc.

    • Yes we specialize in the AK variant so we can do what ever you want.
      AK work is billed as T&M $50 an hour.

      If your local please get with us to schedule an appointment. We can discuss then what parts etc that you want if you don’t have them already.


    • Thank you for the inquiry.
      Our minimum labor rate is $30.
      Hourly rate is $60 an hour.
      Most likely it would only be $30.

      If you schedule a time to come in a small job like that can be done while you wait.
      We don’t always see messages here so please call or email. If we don’t answer the phone please leave a message.
      You can contact us directly by email phone 513-248-1843

      Best Regards

  11. Hello my name is Jason and I’ve recently became a ak guy still love my ars but I would love to have a couple of things done to my aks are you able to move the front sight on aks to a combo kind of like Jim at R&D does. I’m a electrician and I’m pretty busy at the moment if I don’t answer I please leave a message and I’ll call back thank you
    Jason Luhn

    • Not sure if you got a reply or not we don’t use this site a lot, so sorry if you already received a reply! Adding a combo block is not a problem at all. Our bench rate is $60 an hour. Once I know what variant you have an estimate can be given.
      Please contact us directly at 513-248-1843 or on facebook.
      If you would like us to contact you please reply with your contact information.


  12. Hi, I spoke to you about having my glock 17L barrel c-ported the barrel is new never fired and I can mark it to match the cut in the slide if you would like. Let me know how much this will cost and give me the address you want it mailed to with the payment. Thanks Gil

    • I tried to attach a pic but this format will not allow an attachment. If you email me direct I’ll send that pic to make sure we are on the same page.

      You can send the barrel marked or send the slide and barrel.
      C-cuts in barrel
      Deburring cuts
      Cleaning barrel
      Return shipping
      MILFORD, OH 45150

  13. I have a tauras pt111 millenium g2 I was looking to have my slide customized with a window cut pattern and cerakoted. Do you offer this service and if so what’s a ball park estimate? I am also local so what would be the turn around time

    • Yes we offer those services. Besides the Cerakote the prices vary depending on what design you want. Cerakote slide 1 color(stock color) $85 which includes everything.
      Could you give me an idea of where you want the window cuts?????
      If you want to schedule a time to come in please let me know.
      For faster response times please email us directly or cal 513-248-1843

    • William,
      I apologize but we aren’t a retail gunshop. We do gunsmithing custom work etc.. The internet does not allow break downs with in the industry so we are all lumped together. We will do transfers for $25 if you want to purchase on line though.
      Again sorry for the inconvenience

  14. I’m looking for someone to install a a Geissele gas block on a Faxon barrel – drilled for coil pin and dimpled for set screws. Faxon recommended you specifically. Thanks!

    • Steve,

      Yes that’s not a problem! My hourly rate is $70 an hour. It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour or $35-$70 to pin and dimple the barrel/gas. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please let me know. Also you can email me directly at if you’d like.

  15. Hello Matt. My name is George and I’m from Taylor, Michigan. I have a Saiga 7.62×39 that doesn’t have the bayonet and cleaning rod lugs and I was wondering if are capable of welding them on so I can attack a cleaning rod and bayonet. Please let me know if it is possible and what your rates would be. Thanks


    • George,

      Yes I can do that if the housing is present? It’s hard to say sight unseen how long it would take though because all are ground a little different.
      If no housing is present it is best to replace the barrel fixture.
      My hourly rate is $70 an hour
      I have a 30 minute minimum which is $35

      If welding I can usually do it in an hour to hour and fifteen minutes.
      If replacing the fixture I can do that in an hour to hour and a half plus the cost of the fixture.
      I’m assuming S&H would be involved as well.

      Please email me directly at or call the shop 513-248-1843 please leave a VM if I don’t answer.

  16. Hello, you threaded my Remington 700 308 awhile back and I wanted to see what you would charge to thread a Ruger 10/22 barrel for me?
    Its the Carbine with no front sight.
    Model number 31145 in case you need to Google it.


  17. I know you are extremely busy as is everybody in this industry. If you can help it would be much appreciated. I’m looking for a desert eagle .50 ae 6” barrel tungsten by magnum research. Can find the barrels just not in tungsten to match my 44 mag. Thank you in advance.

    • For future reference!
      Unless it has a serial number(gun) what is available to FFL holders is available to you. In short if you can’t find it online FFL holders can’t either.
      If you can find the barrel it can be painted to match if you are talking about Tungstein Cerakote ?
      If so let me know.
      Please email directly

  18. Admittedly I’m not an expert or Mausers on guns in general, but I have 2 of them with firing pin issues. They appear to have lost some of their length or perhaps it’s the spring. I’ve seen several forums regarding similar issues. Either way are these issues something you are capable of fixing? I live here in Milford. Thank you!

  19. I’m just checking on the progress of my Mosin Nagant conversion . Unfortunately I have misplaced the receipt
    and I’m not sure when you said it would be ready . Any updates would be great 👍🏻👍🏻

    Martin G LeVallee

  20. I am trying to make a appointment to drop off my saiga ak47 that needs a new bolt and nut for the upper hand guard to attach to the lower one. I was referred to you since ak47 are your specialty.

    • Always best to contact us directly
      Cut crown and thread be around $200
      Removing the barrel and installation is billed hourly. I’ve worked on the HK and GSG 22 clones but I can’t recall the walther clone
      If like the gsg it would probably take an hour to disassemble and reassemble.
      Any questions please let me know

    • We don’t always see messages from this platform so if no reply please use below contact
      You can call 513-248-1843 leave Vm if no answer
      I’ll need to inspect to diagnose
      Appointments can be made
      M-Th 9am-2am(yes am)
      F 9am-6pm
      Let me know

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