Tul Ammo

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Many of us try to save a few bucks by shooting this cheap steel casing ammo.  This is fine but I advise only shooting European Mil-Spes weapons with this ammo.  If you use this ammo with your nice(expensive) weapon I would advise you to stop.  This post will now join the thousands like it.  This $12 box of ammo cost this client a repair bill, and he is lucky it didn’t cost him a hand.  This was not a firearm malfunction it was the ammo and do you think a company in Siberia is going to pay the bill.  The bulge in the case had so much pressure behind it that it made a perfect impression in the breach face of the chamber.  We were able to repair the barrel so that it will function in a safe manner, which is not always the case.  Sorry I do not have Pics. of the weapon.  This was a duty weapon so by the time the slide went on the frame it was out the door.  Also think about that, how many of you use this ammo in your carry weapon.  This is not the ammunition you want to bet your life on.

NOTE: Some of the damage around the primer area were caused during removal.

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