The Best Receivers For Your Next AR15/10 Build.

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We are now offering Mega Arms receivers for your next AR15/10 build.  These are billet receivers made with 7075-T6 Aluminum.  The lug angle has been altered on the shell deflector for more effectiveness.  Upper receiver has been redesigned to incorporate increased wall thickness for added strength.  On the lower receiver the magwell has an  enlarged bottom flare and inner chamber for easier magazine insertion.  Where the buttstock attaches it was fortified for added strength in high power applications.  The trigger guard was integrated for better function and strength.  These receivers match up better than any receiver we have used yet and they have a built-in adjustment screw if they are off slightly.  This screw is built-in under the grip, and this allows you to take up any slack to provide the best shooting platform.  We would love to help you start your next project or your first project, so please contact us for further information.

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