This classic .22LR  pistol was brought in for service and I thought this was a great conversation piece.  This model was developed during WW II as a training pistol for the Colt model 1911 .45ACP.  This particular model was manufactured for the civilian market like many that you may see were.  As our Grandparents/Great Grandparents leave us and the family is going through their belongings.  If you happen to find a pistol like this and it is marked U.S. on the barrel or HD please do not pawn it off for a few dollars.  There are many examples like this that people think have little value  because you can’t put a flashlight, and an Icee maker on it.  If you need help going through a relatives firearms for liquidation please contact us so that every firearm is properly identified, and valued.  Certain models of these firearms can fetch up to $6000 so please don’t assume it was Grand Dads plinker.


2 responses to “HIGH STANDARD Model USA-HD-MS

  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I’ve got two all original, authentic and extremely rare HI STANDARD USA MODEL HD MS (OSS) in excellent firing condition. These pistols are currently for sale – USD38k for both. Details of the units are stated below;

    • Serial nos. : 1174– and 1178–

    • Physical appearance :

    1st) with original numbered suppressor shroud and still with complete/original bronze or brass fine mesh screen internals > about 88% over-all physical appearance. Original factory blued (no re-touching). Markings and serial no. are all clear.

    2nd) without the suppressor shroud > about 90% over-all physical appearance. Original factory blued (no re-touching). Markings and serial no. are all clear.

    • Both with after-market magazines.

    These pistols were hand-me downs from my uncle who is an American citizen and an avid collector of rare and collectible firearms. I am actually based in Sydney, Australia and currently here in Manila for a business venture. These pistols are located here at my residence in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Of course they will have to be purchased here personally. Also it will be the buyer’s responsibility for the overseas shipment.

    Should you or anyone else that you know of who is interested and would like to know more about these pistols, please don’t hesitate to contact me on these phone nos;

    * Landline : int’l code + 632 + 5041369
    * Mobile : ” + 63 + 905-282-2935
    * Email : globalonline1@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much for your time.


    E. Castueras

    • Sir,
      Unlike the rest of the world The United States of America is backwards with our gun laws. In most country’s where guns are hard to buy you can buy suppressor’s at your local Walmart. In the U.S. suppressor’s are restricted so it may take further cost, and paperwork to get these weapons back to the States if purchased from a U.S. citizen. We can assist your sale but I wanted you to beaware of our laws. It would also be great if you could post some pics. of your rare pistols.

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