Grandpa’s Shotgun

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This is a Parker Brothers Trojan Side by Side it was introduced in 1912-1913 as a utility gun.  There were only 33,000 made and are rarely found in this condition, because they were an inexpensive utility gun for their time.  This particular shotgun came into LMG for a malfunction and overall inspection.  Upon arrival we did not make a big deal about it because there are so many reproductions and copies of this particular manufacture.  When I began work the first thing I did was to remove the barrels from the receiver or pivot.  This allowed me to uncover Hallmarks which were used back in the day to show proof of manufacture, or “a stamp of approval.”   These markings allowed me to verify this was the holly grail of farmer’s shotguns, and I began researching this particular model.  I did verify it is the Trojan by Parker Brothers and in my opinion it is at least in 90%  of its original condition, and worth $4000.   My point to this post is to reinforce what I always say, just because you can’t put a flashlight, can opener, and an Icee machine on it doesn’t mean it is worthless.  As our older family members leave us make sure you know what was passed on to us before you pawn it off, or take it into the woods to expose to the elements.

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