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We have had some very rare weapons in the shop lately and thought we would show everyone what we have been up to.  The first is a 1967 Colt Marine Tribute 1911 that was brought in for show and tell more than anything.  This was a beautiful pistol from the Colt Custom Shop which was ordered through the mail more than 40 years ago.  Yes, I said the mail.  The ATF and all the hassles we put up with like back ground checks did not exist until 1968.  That meant all you had to do was put money in the mail and the firearm you ordered would be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.  We just gain more liberties each year don’t we!

The Side by Side shotgun really is not a rare weapon.  It looks like a beautiful old shotgun though and that is the main reason I am posting it.  The shotgun is a Kassnar Churchill in 16Ga. made from parts from Spain to Japan and assembled in the U.S..  These shotguns look great on the outside but that is about it.  Internally they are a disaster and that is why it ended up with us here at LMG.  We are more than happy to repair anything but we hate telling the owners the firearm is only worth a half ,or one-third of what they paid for it.  When purchasing a firearm please educate yourself or call us for assistance.  Always remember you get what you pay for.

The pistol with feeding problems is a very rare find.  This is a FI Model D with the serial numbers starting with CPA, which means it was extended to be a Colt product.  This pistol was to be the new Colt Pony in .380 then the project was snuffed but production had already started.  Iver Johnson purchased the design and manufactured parts, and then set up the FIREARMS INTERNATIONAL CORP.  FI produced the Model D but only 100 of them had serial numbers starting with CPA.  The rarity has not yet found a big collector value but one day it will like all other rare stories.  There was a reason this design was scrapped and that’s why we have it here at LMG.  As you can see it has severe feeding problems that by the book fixes aren’t solving.  I have corrected all the problems without altering the pistol but the extractor, so we are going to try a different extractor later this week.  This should fix the design but trying to keep the pistol original for collector value has been a challenge.  Once corrected we will have a follow-up post.

This is the Parker Brothers Trojan again but there are some pics. of the internals, which may be rarer than the shotgun.  There is plenty of info on this shotgun in a previous post but the internal shots were not.  I do not recommend opening up a very rare weapon like this unless you know what you are doing.  If you have no idea what you are doing  the  value of the weapon could go down with every screw you remove.  Most firearms have small slotted flathead screws that like to strip without the proper tools, so please contact your local Gunsmith or us for any questions you may have.

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