AK47 Bayonet Lug

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If you have an Ak variant built in the Assualt Weapon Ban period you have no bayonet lug.  Many of you may not even realize it because you haven’t had the need of a bayonet lately.  Some people do want this option, like our client a couple of weeks ago.  The rifle was stripped, prepped, welded, and ground to an authentic AK bayonet lug.  The client wanted to put a finish on his new accessory himself.  We were happy to restore what our Government had ground off.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with firearms DO NOT WELD NEAR OR ON YOUR BARREL!!!

8 responses to “AK47 Bayonet Lug

    • Greg,
      If possible could you send me a picture or describe to me what that area looks like to be re-engineered. I mainly need to know if the entire lug was removed or just the tabs that hold the bayonet, and if you are out of my area I need to know your zip code this is for shipping purposes only.

      Thank You,
      Matt Hardoerfer

  1. Do you have any suggestions on how to re engineer a bayonet lug back onto the AK without shipping the whole AK to someone? Mine just has the little tabs on the bottom ground off.

    • Jake,
      Weld tabs on the left & right bottom of the cleaning rod holder. Then file down the tabs to fit the bayonet and then refinish with cold blue/paint etc..

      If you can’t weld or have access to those resources you can replace the entire assembly with one that had an assembly on it.

      You could also build the tabs up with JB weld or Accra Glass but I don’t recommend that. I am just throwing ideas out there.

      If you need further instruction or help call the shop this Wednesday 11/14. I am on the West coast right now and I will not be back until then.

  2. I have temporarily made a lug that uses the cleaning rod itself to hold the adapter. You cannot remove the cleaning rod with the bayonet attached anyway. Just an aluminum three sided piece(I_I) that fits over where the original lug was, then cross drilled to anchor it using the cleaning rod. File the lower side to fit in the bayonet, then file a grove to facilitate the spring loaded lock on the bayonet. I am going to get a solid piece of aluminum to fabricate a stronger unit.

    • Jim,
      When you complete the stronger unit send us a pic if possible or send it to lmgfirearms@gmail.com. FYI only, sometimes it is easier to replace the barrel fixture with one that has a bayonet lug. I weld the tabs on when the fixtures don’t want to press off the barrel or the client doesn’t want to replace their existing hardware.

      Thanks for your input and remember to send a pic so people can see other options available.


  3. Greg,
    Yes we can replace the barrel fixture with one that has lugs for the bayonet. Replacing the fixtures is billed as T&M $40 a man hour because sometimes the existing fixtures don’t want to come off with out a fight. If that is the case we would notify you and make you aware of the situation. Usually the fixture is brought in by the client but I can help you obtain one if necessary.

    If you have further questions please call me at the shop 513-248-1843

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