Trigger Jobs

LMG FireArms does all available trigger jobs. If it’s possible, we can do it!


Examples (but not limited to) –

*S&W M&P series pistols

*Springfield XD/XDM



*Many other rifles, pistols & shotguns

One response to “Trigger Jobs

  1. I have had Matt do trigger work on my Beretta 92f, my AR-15 and my son’s MP 9mm – and on ALL 3 firearms, the action is absolutely beautiful.

    It is so nice to work with an honest business man who looks out for his customer’s and does top-notch work for very competitive prices. In fact, I do not go to any other person for work on my firearms.

    At this moment I have a new AK-47 that I will be taking to Matt for – you guessed it – trigger rework.

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