3 responses to “LMG FireArms Custom Finishing

  1. I am seriously considering a P938 or a Shield. If I can get the sig in black for 600 or less I will get one in the next month or two. I would see if you can polish the components for me and drift the sight after I run a few hundred rounds-if necessary. Otherwise, I am still torn between CM 9 and Shield, both with a laser.


    • Ronnie,

      I will look to see if I can find the SIG and also keep an eye out online. The 938 can be smoothed up with out issues and it’s usually only $65. For the shields I use APEX trigger kits which are just awesome but it will add a couple hundred to that $450 if the trigger is an issue.
      I would lean towards the shield! The CM 9 does have great reviews but I like the shield better. The only way to solve your problem is to shoot both of them. I could line up a shield for you but I do not have access to the CM 9.

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